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About Us - Badja Karya Technik - sole agent of SICOMA MIXERS INDONESIA


Our footsteps in the hardware, mechanical & engineering general trades from our first establishment day to the future.

We are a small fire fueled by determination, sincerity and desire to offer the best to customers, now we have spawned as a huge blaze with full range of product services, specifications and assured quality.

PT Badja Karya Technik Surabaya started from humble beginnings as a small business in the field of general trading for hardware / technical equipment in Surabaya, Indonesia. As time goes by, both our customer base and PT Badja Karya Technik grew even more, increasingly determined to provide reliable services, guaranteed quality and guaranteed availability for all the hardware - mechanical - engineering in Indonesia.

In its expansion, PT Badja Karya Technik has become a general trading company in Surabaya engaged in the construction industry, especially in the area of ​​fittings, valves, and its complementary products such as Gasket, Flange, Electric Motor, Klingrit. Located in the heavy equipment store district in Surabaya, Jl Raden Saleh no 36-38, we have always and will continue to faithfully serve the needs of our customers both retail and projects, and has reached out extended markets to big cities in Indonesia.

With years of experience striving in the industry, we have established a definite and reliable formula in this highly competitive field, which is described in 3 principles of our company:

Perseverance - Badja Karya Technik

We are the most nimble and most dependable partners whole always ready to serve our customers from Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 16:30. Our sales staff will get acquainted and communicate personally, to find the products that you needed.

Completeness - Badja Karya Technik

Services and Completeness of this one-stop shopping concept in PT Badja Karya Technik provide practicality of product search from materials, brands and certification standards. We will meet the specification of products that our customers need.

Comfort - Badja Karya Technik

"Customer is King". We will help provide the highest comfort from the time you pick up and call us, from when you describe the product that you’re looking for, to our easy payment system until delivery of your products. PT Badja Karya Technik staff are ready to serve you personally, either through WhatsApp or various other modern communication media.

Our Vision

Establish a perfect service for all mechanical, technical, manufacturing, and service industries needs and apply the same service standards with expansion of service coverage to major cities in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Being the first to respond to customer’s needs in the field of manufacturing, technical, process, by always consistently bring the company principles and business commitments in every activity and distinguish ourselves from the competitors by providing value added services that exceeds customer expectations.

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